2022/08/01 - Press Release - The Blackship set sail to Japan

Aug 1, 2022

Oval Ventures launched a buyout arm to invest in Japan

Oval Ventures is pleased to announce the establishment of Blackship Capital, a buyout arm to promote the succession of Japanese companies by Australian entrepreneurs and capital.


The recent depreciation of the Japanese yen made Australian investors recognise Japan's severe successor shortage as a source of exceptional investment opportunities.
Blackship Capital encourages Australian professionals to execute "Entrepreneurship through Acquisition" by raising search funds backed by Australian family offices and business owners in Japan.
Blackship Capital will contribute to the economic development of both Australia and Japan, in particular by concatenating the Japanese inbound industries with Australian businesspeople.

About Blackship Capital

Blackship Capital was established on 21st July 2022 as the buyout arm of Oval Ventures Pty Ltd, an Australian investment company. Jointly with its venture capital arm, its medium-term goal is to be a Listed Investment Company (LIC) at the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).